Mikes Racing Products was started in 2001 by me, Mike Myers. I have lived in the laurel highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania all of my life. Ever since I was a little boy I have been fixated on motorcycles in general and dirt bikes specifically. No one else in my family was into bikes but I had some mini bikes and old dirt bikes while growing up and rode most every time I had the chance. In the mid nineties when I was about 24 I started doing some hare scramble and GNCC racing and have been doing it when I get the chance ever since. My riding is pretty average but I have a great time doing it.

In addition to my interest in motorcycles I have always been really into building things. Mostly I build things that can be used such as tools in the interest of making a better or easier way of doing something. In the summer of 2001 these interests collided and I built the first MRP tire changing stand. My Saturday night tire changes got a whole lot easier.

There was some interest in the tire changing stands so I started selling some. I built them in my garage and the more I built the better I got at building them. As I gained more knowledge and got better equipment I refined the stands always trying to make a better product. By 2003 I was selling enough stands to do it full time. I wasn't getting rich but it was paying the bills.

Over the next several years I sold a lot of stands and continued to refine them.With better equipment I was able to make some changes to the stands that made them even better. I never really looked at making them cheaper or trying to save money if the product wouldn't be as good. I always focused on making the best product even if it cost a little more or took a little longer and as a result I take great pride in every stand that goes out the door.
Mike "MRP" Myers racing through the woods of West Virginia summer 2009
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