Your tire changing stand will quickly pay for itself since you can buy tires for alot less if you mount them yourself. You will also be able to flip your back tires whenever you want giving you much better traction and wear. If you only have one set of wheels you can take off your race tires and mount old ones for practicing during the week.
These tire changing stands have other uses besides changing tires. With your wheel immobilized on the stand It makes an excellent place to change your sprocket or disc. You can quickley change your tire and gearing, if desired after practice or between motos. With the center rod removed the stand is perfect for bearing and seal servicing, removal and replacement. Let your wheel spin freely on the hoop and tighten your spokes. If you are into restoring vintage bikes it makes a great place to clean and polish old wheels. All these tasks and probably some others I haven't thought of are all so much easier when your wheel is at waist level.
MRP tire changing stands are very well constructed out of heavy wall steel tubing. They are actually built out of heavier material than needed so that they have a low center of gavity which keeps them from being tippy while being used. They come fully assembled, just take it out of the box, slide the wheel support onto the base and your ready to go. They also come with step by step instructions for use that will have a beginner changing tires like a pro in no time.
The feet of the tire changing stand have tread tape on them and the tubing ends are closed with heavy duty plastic trim plugs. The feet are also drilled to accept 3/8 bolts so it can be mounted to a garage floor, trailer floor ect.
MRP tire changing stands are ergonomically designed so that when used free standing you put your foot on the foot of the stand so whether you are pushing or pulling on your tire the stand won't go anywhere. The location of the feet makes this very natural and comfortable and you pretty much do it without thinking. It's like having your wheel on a three foot lever and when changing tires leverage and wheel immobility are the most important things.
When you tighten down the wing nut you just snug it down against the wheel spacer and your spokes will grip into the rubber on the wheel support ring. At this point your wheel will not spin. Then if so desired you can loosen the speednut a turn or so and the wheel will spin on the ring if you want to stand in one place and bring the wheel around to you.
Our tire changing stands have a rim lock pry point under the opening in the wheel support ring. It can be used to pry the rim lock back to break it's bond with the tire on removal or on installation to ride the bead up over the rim lock if you install the rim lock before the tire such as when doing a mousse.
You can put your tire changing stand right next to a wokbench and have everthing at your fingertips. Imagine never having to bend over during a tire change. Going at a steady pace you should be able to change a tire in well under 10 minutes.
The ring is the best way to support a motorcycle wheel. There are no cumbersome adjustments to make for different size wheels. You just set your wheel down and tighten the speednut. The only thing that touches are your spokes against the rubber covered ring.
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